NTASGU was birthed out of the North Texas All-Star Gym Owners Unite group. The intent of the the Gym Owners Unite group was to offer a platform for gym owners to discuss issues that are currently affecting each of our programs and provide an opportunity to brainstorm together and create viable options and solutions for our region.

As the group continued to meet, the idea of “EVENTS FOR GYMS, PRODUCED BY GYMS” was discussed! This type of program would create a sense of visual unity and provide every gym (small or large), a voice and an opportunity to be a part of the process and to share in the profits of the event.

The NTASGU is pro-gym, pro-business and pro-profit. One of our goals is to create sustainability for our athletes and families, while fostering profitable businesses.

The idea is that there is power in numbers…WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!!!