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Event Dates

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Event Schedule

Event schedules are sent to the attending gym or program staff.

Release Waiver

You may choose one of the forms below as your release for our events. Regardless of which form you choose, all athletes, coaches and personnel must be listed or a form must be turned in

Individual Waiver Form
Team Waiver Form

Event Terms & Conditions

Contact us at to discuss the available buy-in options.

  • Pre-register 60 days in advance to guarantee participation.

  • Pay 45 days or more prior to the date of the event to receive spectator wrist bands for pre-sale.

  • Pay 30 days or less prior to the date of the event and you are at risk of being moved to a wait-list & no pre-sale spectator wrist bands will be sent.

  • Cancellations submitted on or before 45 days prior to event will receive a 100% refund.

  • Cancellations submitted after 45 days and before 31 days prior to event will receive a credit to a future event during the current season.

  • Cancellations submitted 30 days prior to event will not receive a refund or credit.
  • All cancellations and refund/credit requests must be submitted via email to to be considered.
  • If the event is cancelled by NTGU/BRAVO receive a full refund.

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NTGU Perks

  • Athlete Gifts

  • Recognition Medals

  • Specialty Category Recognition

  • LOW Spectator Entry Fees

  • Kids 5 & Under – Free Admission